Mortgage Investments

Mortgage Investments

Private investors earn high annual yields by investing in REIC NORTH AMERICA, secured by desirable North America real estate. We arranges private hard money loans with private investment capital.

Mortgage Investments


REIC NORTH AMERICA arranges residential and commercial mortgages and funds these loans with our mortgage fund or private investor capital. We receive new loan requests weekly, which in turn create a steady stream of attractive mortgage note opportunities. If you are an accredited investor and seeking attractive returns, please contact Richard Henry at +1 (416) 333-4000 or email him at, to learn more about available investment opportunities. For those new to mortgage loans, mortgage note investments are a great alternative to purchasing investment real estate.

If you are a private investor looking to invest in real estate but don’t possess the know-how or time required to acquire investment properties, mortgage note investments are an excellent alternative. Mortgage note investments can offer attractive annual returns through a more passive investment vehicle. Every mortgage note is secured by desirable Florida properties and offers potentially high annual yields that can sometimes outperform the ROI achieved from investment property ownership. Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, arranging private money loans and working with private investors. We have worked with a multitude of investors and have enjoyed building long-standing relationships.


Flexible repayment terms

12, 24 Or 36 Months Flexibility in Loan Repayment

Maximum LTV 85%

A lower LTV ratio generally indicates lower risk for both of them

interest rates

private money interest rates between 9.9% and 13%